Ahmad Abu Ratima

Ahmad Abu Ratima
A Palestinian writer/journalist from city of Rafah. Born in Rafah, Egypt in 1984 before he moved with his family to Rafah, Palestinian territory. Ahmed started to write political articles in different Palestinians web-journals since 2005. Recently he writes in dozens of arabic and Palestinian newspapers, web-journals and blogs. The year 2008 was another step for Ahmed in the journalism career as a correspondent for an English cable TV London based, Alhewar for two years.
In 2013, together with dozens of famous writers around the world he had the opportunity to write one chapter of the book:" The Oslo Accords 1993–2013. A Critical Assessment" Ahmad also produced many documentaries for Al Jazeera like: “Which Rafah Are You From?” The film is about the humanitarian side of the story of splitting city of Rafah between Palestinian and egyptian. Himself has experienced the suffering of the splitting, as half of his family remained in Egyptians party and they lost communication together for over 20 years.
Newly, Ahmad has published his own first book with the title: «Organized Chaos». The book is focusing in the creativity and building bridges towards the others and how to establish conversations between nations and cultures.



Apr 16

ISIS and The Wrong Interpretation of Quran


di Ahmad Abu Ratima

The world pays in general and Middle East specially the expensive price of extremism in which lately came out in the form of ISIS. This “State” which performed a great violations against the Human Rights eg. : beheading and burning alive Jordanian pilot Muath Kasasbah. This group bases its own acts on a philosophy allows them to eliminate whoever stand against them in political or theoretical aspects because of Infidel or apostate.

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